About Us

Where we were and where we're going.

Vision Orlando is a faith based organization that started 30 years ago by a group of people eager to see faith, business and government leaders come together in a collaborative effort to see central Florida transformed by God. 

Throughout the years, Vision Orlando has served our city in many ways. Particularly in building relationships with churches and community leaders along with serving as faith counsel for city leaders. 

In its 30th year, Vision Orlando prepares to continue to serve as a resource with a broad reach towards churches, government, educators, the marketplace and communities all over central Florida. Together transforming our Orlando into a city for God. 


Our Mission

Connect Leaders in Churches, Government, and Marketplace to a common goal of building relationships that can serve to change our city in a cohesive effort.  


Unify Churches in Central Florida to collaborate and cross over denominational lines for the greater good of our city. Prayer, Evangelism and Community events will invigorate communities all over Orlando when we can agree about one name, Jesus Christ.


Mobilize people in different sectors of our city to partner and serve causes that will transform communities desperate for the hope of Jesus. 


Rev. Manny Rosario


In January 2022, Rev. Manny Rosario will be joining Vision Orlando as the Executive Director. He has served as a pastor and faith leader in our city for over 20 years. 


Manny is known for empowering people and emphasizing diversity in every organization he leads. He is passionate about the spiritual health of our city and is committed to mobilizing communities for God and the good of humanity.

He earned degrees in Theology and Ministry Development and also serves on several boards in our city and abroad helping organizations further their reach to serve people. 

Manny has been happily married to his High School Sweetheart Mimi for 22 years and together they have two sons.




Dr. George Cope has served over 45 years in the ministry, and pastored churches in various regions of the U.S, including an inner city church in Chicago and eight years here in Orlando.

He earned a B.A. in Biblical Studies, an M.A. and Doctor of Ministry in Leadership. He has traveled the world preaching and teaching in over 49 countries.


He was President of Zion Bible College in Rhode Island. He served on the pastoral board of Vision Orlando and joined Vision Orlando full-time as Pastoral Director in 2013.

Dr. George is happily married for over 50 years and enjoys spending time with his family. 



The Honorable Alan Lawson
Justice, Florida Supreme Court

W. Bruce O’Donoghue
President, Control Specialists

Glenn Repple
Founder & Chairman of G.A. Repple & Company

The Honorable Robert Stuart 
Commissioner, District 3 City of Orlando

Bert Ghezzi
Author, Publisher

Arnaldo Herrero
King Service Solutions

Charisse Jones
Asbury Theological Seminary

Steven M. Kreidt
Kelly, Collins & Gentry, Inc.

Brenda Markland


Our Beliefs

The Bible alone, and the Bible in its entirety, is the Word of God written and is therefore inerrant in the autographs. It’s teaching applies to all areas of life, including personal and moral ethics – reflecting the character and intent of God.


God is a Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, each an uncreated person, one in essence, equal in power and glory.


God loves his creation, including all humanity, but is holy and cannot dwell with rebellion and disobedience. Because all humans are sinners, God sent Jesus to die for us and redeem us for a relationship with Him.

The mission of the church is to love and serve people and share with them the love of God and the redemption of humanity through faith in Jesus Christ.