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Our 2022 Orange County Prayer Breakfast was a great success.  This event featured the testimony of Kirk Cousins, quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings, and his father, Don Cousins, Lead Pastor at Discovery Church in Orlando.  This gathering was sold out, and included participation from local government leaders, marketplace leaders, and leaders within the non-profit and faith community.  


The Bible clearly tells us to “seek the welfare (peace) of the city, where I have sent you…” (Jer 29:7). As followers of Jesus, we join together to engage the issues and concerns challenging our city, but not as holy know-it-alls, but as humble servants of our loving and wise God.  By the Spirit of God, we believe He wants us to bring His creative solutions for the many and varied problems and burdens our city faces, and release a refreshing hope for a better future. 


And we believe that strong caring relationships are the foundation for transforming community.  And Psalms 133 declares "How blessed it is when brothers dwell together in unity, for there God commands a blessing."  This prayer breakfast brings together men and women representing a wide diversity of our Christian faith community: ethnic diversity, denominational/church tradition diversity, age diversity, and socio economic diversity.  We know that according to PEW Research, those who claim to be followers of Jesus represent potentially 65% of our community.  


Certainly, those things that we share in common with one another are much more important and powerful than those things upon which we disagree. So the prayer breakfast is an event where we can come together in agreement, believing in the power of prayer, to seek the welfare of the city together. And in the process, we believe, we will not only have the “commanded blessing of God” but we will also be taking practical steps toward building greater understanding and relational bridges within our community.


So plan to join us at the next Orange County Prayer Breakfast on May 18, 2023 at the Sheraton North Maitland from 7:30 am - 9:00 am.


Blessings, Jim

Jim Subers


Vision Orlando

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